Postural Exercises for Rounded Shoulders

Following on from my shoulder impingement piece last month, I decided to talk more about Posture and in particular Rounded Shoulders. As depicted above rounded shoulders is were our shoulders are being pulled forward by tight chest (pec) muscles and our arms hang more to the front of our bodies than the side.

This shoulder position is not the optimum position for when we move and use our arms, particularly for overhead movement. Rounded shoulders can lead to shoulder impingement injuries in people depending on what they do from day to day.

In an attempt to assist clients and help them to correct this postural issue I explain how rounded shoulders develop and the importance of maintaining a correct posture. I also show some simple exercises to strengthen the muscles between the shoulder blades and upper thoracic region.

Below is a link to my website where you can view the clips.

Rounded Shoulders Exercise:

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