What is mat Pilates?

Matbased Pilates is a gentle, low-impact strength workout that research shows can help ease low back pain, reduce body fat, improve flexibility, and even support mental well-being

Mat Pilates classes are a great way to stretch and strengthen your body, primarily the muscles of the core, while incorporating Shoulders, Arms, Hips and Legs. Pilate si often considered just a core based exercise but a good class will target the full body.

Mat Pilates exercises are performed equipment-free, with the moves adapted to work with just your body weight and a floor mat for cushioning and support.

Benefits of Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates focuses on the core, or the “powerhouse,” the core is essential in maintaining the a healthy strong body and preventing injury. For example, a strong core helps relieve back pain and help with movement. A strong core is a must for athletes, from runners to football players, as it increases stamina and power. When your core is strong, it serves as the center of power so your limbs can take more load with movement.

Studies have shown that mat pilates can help people who already suffer from back pain through strengthening the core and encouraging more movement while on the floor.

Where to Find Mat Pilates

You can practice mat Pilates in a Pilates studio it is best to work with a trained Pilates instructor in a dedicated Pilates studio, ideally in smaller class groups 5 – 10 or so. A smaller teacher client ratio allows for a better quality of movement and understanding.