Happy Halloween to one and all!!!!!I forgot how busy this time of the year is on the run up to the marathon, thankfully I was able to rest on bank Holiday Monday and recover after the last 2 weeks of deep tissue massages and trying to work a few miracles on clients with niggles…. I would like to take this opportunity to wish those that successfully completed the Marathon, I think all the hard work was done by getting yourselves to start line injury free. I am glad to say I helped a number of clients to recover from their overuse injuries in time for the marathon.
I have been asked by a few clients as to what they should do now to help ease the pain and recover quickly.

As the adrenaline and euphoria wears off the pain kicks in. You must remember you have really put your legs and body through a very intense workout, as a result some of you are finding it hard to walk others are finding it hard to get up and down the stairs.

Below are a few tips of what you should be doing over the next few days and weeks:

1. Keep Moving – Do your best to avoid being stationary other than sleeping. Light walking, an easy dip in the pool or a short spin on an exercise bike in the gym. Avoid any impact exercise i.e. more running, easy exercise will help your muscles flush out the toxins and after-effects of the race. Frequent rest will be needed, but avoid total rest as you will cease up.

2. Continue to Eat Healthy – You will have been watching what you eat on the run up to the marathon and the same applies now, it is important to re fuel. A trick or treat or two is OK, try to eat sensibly for the week, good mix of protein and carbs to help repair damaged muscles and replenish your energy stores.

3. Massage – Look to get a light massage on the legs or self massage, look to have your calves, feet, hamstrings, glutes and quads massage and any trigger points eased out and loosened up. Do not go to hard as you will just be feeding into the existing muscle damage, drink plenty of water to help flush out the toxins.

4. Getting back to running – allow your body fully recover and is pain free, begin by doing a some short easy slow runs, to test how the body is feeling and recovering. If your body is still tired and stiff try some simple Walk/Run sessions, walking for 5 minutes running for 2 minutes and gradually reduce your walking time while increasing your run time and build it from there.

It wont be too long before you forget the pain and start thinking about your next marathon!!!

Achilles Tendinitis Prevention and Treatment Exercises:One of the over use injuries I had to treat on the run up to the marathon was Achilles Tendinitis as a result of tight calves, which was made worse by training through the injury. I have written a blog outlining some “go to” exercises on how to self treat Achilles Tendinitis and how to help prevent developing Achilles Tendinitis while training.

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