Recently at Range of Motion Physical Therapy I have been seeing a number of people with a hamstring injury, my clients have varied from GAA and Rugby Players to Triathletes and avid hill walkers. As a result, I have been doing some additional reading up on Hamstring injury prevention and rehabilitation,n and came across this article, and felt the need to share it.

This article gives a great overview of the causes of hamstring injuries, and gives great easy to understand explanations. What I also liked was the authors approach to questioning traditional preventative and rehab exercise techniques. For example they look at strengthening exercises as an intermuscular coordination with both hip and knee and to replicate more high speed movement, this is in contrast to traditional techniques which would have taught to isolate hamstring through the knee joint only and the use of eccentric exercises e.g Russian Nordic Drop exercise, which they now feel is contraindicated in hamstring injury rehabilitation

A systematic approach to hamstring prevention and rehabilitation

This article is well worth a read and you can draw your own conclusions and adopt elements into your training.

Any questions please feel free to contact me below.