Tennis Elbow Exercises (Lateral Epiconditis)

In the past month we have seen a lot of Tennis Elbow cases, more than we would normally see. The cause of each case is slightly different but they all involved a sudden increase in work and load through the hand and arms. One client had an increase in workload lifting and moving stock around the warehouse. Similarly another client had to work longer hours through the recent storms, while the latest client decided to paint two rooms over two days, all ending you with Tennis Elbow.

The 4th case of Tennis Elbow actually originated in her Neck and Shoulder which was causing nerve impingement affecting the muscle further down her arm.

We have put together 3 short videos of Tennis Elbow Exercises to help with true Tennis Elbow i.e. inflamed forearm Extensors. Tennis Elbow is characterised with outside elbow pain which is aggravated when you need to grab an item or pick something up which causes an increase in elbow pain. The Forearm extensor muscles are tight causing a pull at the muscle attachment point on the outside of the elbow.

Tennis Elbow Exercise Progression:

Video 1: Isometric Exercises
These are a low level pain Tennis Elbow exercises whereby you are tensioning the Extensor muscles without causing it to lengthen or shorten. This exercise encourages blood flow into the tendon which is imperative to help reduce the inflammation.


Video 2: Eccentric Exercise:
As the pain starts to subside you can commence Eccentric Tennis Elbow exercises, this is where we place the muscle under tension while slowly lengthening it. This is getting the muscle prepared for that movement while strengthening the Extensor muscle group.


Video 3: The final Tennis Elbow exercise in strengthening the Forearm Extensors and getting them prepared for twisting and grabbing actions we require them to do. You can use a broom handle or hammer for this exercise holding them heavy end up and building the strength over time.


If you do not have any success with these Tennis Elbow exercises you may have another issue causing your Tennis Elbow so we suggest visiting a Therapist for further investigation.
Please contact us if you need any further assistance or wish to make an appointment.