Rounded Shoulders

At Range of Motion Physical Therapy Lucan I see quite a large number of people with postural related issues and injuries, in particular rounded shoulders. A large proportion of us slouch at our desks, also as we walk or stand.

You can do a quick test to see if you have rounded shoulders, stand with your arms relaxed, if your hands hang in front of your tights and your hands face back, your chest muscles may be tight, causing your shoulders to hunch forward. Ideal posture will mean your hands hang more by your side and are facing toward your sides with thumb pointing forward.

Rounded shoulders can develop over time as we repeatedly sit in front of a computer, drive a vehicle, or watch TV slouched in a seat. The habit can start as early as our school years, as we slump forward to carry heavy school bags, sitting at our desks. Also if you lift weights and work your “pecs” to much you can create pectoral (chest) muscles that are so strong that will pull your shoulders forward.

When we slouch with shoulders forward, the muscles in the upper back and neck strain, get overstretch and overwork. As we keep rounding our shoulders, our pectoralis muscles become short and tight. As a result,the mid-trapezius and the rhomboids are overstretch and weak. Smaller muscles that were not designed to be postural muscles have to work hard doing a job they weren’t meant to do and chronic tension develops in the neck, shoulders and upper back.

Reversing Rounded Shoulder Posture

If you want to prevent or fix rounded shoulder posture, you can start with some of the simple exercises I have below, in addition to these exercises you can stretch your pec muscles and correct your posture while going about your daily routine.

The exercises below help to strengthen the muscles between the shoulder blades and upper thoracic region.

The W Exercise: 

Exaggerated Hug Exercise:

The Punch Exercise:

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