Functional Movement Screening

Last month I attended a 3 day course on Functional Movement Screening Level 1 & 2, Functional Movement Screening (FMS) is a screening system put together by Gray Cook and Lee Burton in the 90′s. They designed it as a tool to help them screen a large number of athletes they work with, creating a generic screening process for all athletes. The screening uses 7 prime movements that help highlight asymmetries, motor control and movement deficiencies in athletes.

I see this screening system as a great new tool for me to do a full body assessment of my clients, testing balance, mobility and stability. The scoring system helps highlight overall problems which could lead to injury in the future.

The screening is then followed by creating a unique client specific corrective exercise programme based on their score and targeted to improve on their asymmetries or motor control issues.

Obviously it is impossible to avoid all injuries, however I feel using this screening tool is a great way to get a base line for clients, and to ensure they are doing everything to reduce the risk of future injury.

If you would like to avail of screening please contact me at Range of Motion Physical Therapy Lucan.
Kettle-bell Shoulder Exercises I have attached some links to some great kettle-bell exercises to help with shoulder injuries and rehabilitation. Following on from a recent webinar by Mike Reinold and as part of a progression from Thera band exercises, I have used these exercises with clients with shoulder impingement issues and acute shoulder injury, with great results.
The videos are a 3 part series that help stabilise the shoulder joint, introducing dynamic stability while carrying out the exercises, the key to the exercise is to hold the kettle-bell bottom end up. By having the kettle-bell bottom end up means your shoulder joint is placed under a more challenging position, meaning more proprioception is required of the shoulder joint while carrying out the exercises.

The exercises are a great way to help either correct a clients posture through strengthening the scapula stabilisers or help build strength in an injured shoulder.

Kettle Bell Shoulder Exercises Part 1
Kettle Bell Shoulder Exercises Part 2
Kettle Bell Shoulder Exercises Part 3
Please contact me should you wish to learn more about these exercises and how they could help with your shoulder issue.