Knee Pain & Exercises:

knee pain

Over the past month I have treated a large number of clients with knee pain, with this in mind a revisited a blog I had written last year and expanded on what are the best exercises to help with knee pain.I also wrote a blog on chondromalacia patellae, the most common cause of chronic knee pain, the condition is also called the patellofemoral syndrome(PFS).To read more on the causes and symptoms and how to manage knee pain follow the links below!!Knee Pain
Open & Closed Chain Exercises

Rotator Cuff Tear Rehabilitation
Over the past 5 months I have been working with two clients who suffered Rotator Cuff tears, both having fallen on an outstretched arm.

Rotator cuff tear
Both clients required surgery, with one of them being told it was a very severe tear and will take slow consistent rehabilitation and not to rush things.With this in mind I wrote a blog on a rehab programme for a Type I tear and what is expected at each phase on an ongoing basis. You can read the programme by following the link below.Rotator Cuff Tear Rehab Programme.