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Pilates Course

I have started a new block of Pilates Classes, and I have introduced a new improver’s class. This ensures there is plenty of opportunity for those of you who wish to drop in for a few classes or just want to begin pilates for the first time. My plan is to keep the classes running throughout the summer, obviously depending on demand. I am also delighted to announce that I have been asked to work with Barefoot Yoga & Fitness Studio, as their Pilates instructor. This will also be a beginner / improver class.So now there is no excuse for not attending one of my pilates classes, class details below:

– Wednesdays: Beginners 7-8pm / Improver’s 8-9pm. Lucan Leisure Centre, Griffeen Park.
– Thursdays: 7:30-8:30pm Beginner / Improver, Barefoot Yoga & Fitness, 13 Millbank Bus Park, Lucan

If you would like to get involved and build your strength, please contact me to book a place in a class.

Shoulder Pain and when is Shoulder Pain not Shoulder PainI have written two blogs in the past month or so, both around shoulder pain. The first blog below discusses how injury to certain muscles in the neck can actually feel like a shoulder injury. This is due to pain referral patterns into the shoulder and down the arm, and the mechanism of injuryWhen is Shoulder Pain not Shoulder PainThe second blog below is about how the muscles around the shoulder blade (scapula) can actually cause chronic shoulder pain, particularly with over head activities. This blog outlines how this can happen and why some people do not benefit from treatment for their shoulder injury. The issue is actually with firing patterns of muscles around the shoulder blade, which are feeding into the chronic shoulder problem.

Are you suffering from chronic shoulder pain or a rotator cuff injury?

If you are suffering from a shoulder injury that is not getting better with or without treatment, please contact me for an assessment and treatment program.

Gardening is a Dangerous Sport 

I wrote this blog at the start of June as result of the number of clients I was seeing with injuries from gardening. Every year around this time the weather improves and we tackle the garden, unfortunately none of us see gardening as much of a physical workout as it is.

We tend not to warm up for it, we go at it 110% and spend hours at a time pulling and digging. It is no surprise why we end up injuring ourselves. With this in mind I wrote a few helpful tips on how to avoid injuring yourself when gardening this summer!!!

Gardening is a Dangerous Sport

Happy gardening and be safe out there!