Pilates and Kettlebell Class Lucan

Pilates and Kettlebell class Lucan is a perfect class to compliment our existing classes. Pilates and Kettlebell exercises target the full body through full body movement with resistance.

The movement used in kettlebell exercises can be easily incorporated into Pilates exercises, thus adding even more strength to your workout.

This class is designed to progress you through from Beginners to Intermediate classes and challenge your body further.

Benefits of Pilates and Kettlebell Class training:

  • In both Pilates and Kettlebell training, the exercises taught are specific to the goals of full body movement while developing core strength and stability.


  • Both training techniques have really life applications, training the full body with functional movements.


  • Where Pilates builds stability and flexibility, Kettle bells build strength and power with this stability as the foundation.


The class are on Tuesday 8-9pm starting Tuesday 6th Sept. the classes will be taught by Orlaith who is a fully qualified strength and conditioning coach with years of experience….as well as being an experienced Physical Therapist, so you will be in great hands.