Physical Therapy Lucan – offers a full range of Physical Therapy treatments from our physio in Lucan.

What a Physical Therapy Treatment Involves? n

A treatment with a physical therapist normally takes approximately 1 hour and during this time we will carry out a detailed postural assessment, orthopaedic tests, functional movement screening and palpation of the injured area. We will also get a good understanding of your condition through a thorough history taking.

Once we have identified the underlying cause of your pain and dysfunction, we will work with you to restore you to pain free movement.

The physical therapy treatment will integrate a variety of hands on techniques including Dry Needling, to help effect restoration of optimal pain free function.

An ongoing home rehabilitation programme and/or a maintenance programme will be supplied, tailored to your needs.

Physical Therapy also involves the interaction between you and other health professionals (such as your GP) when and where this is needed.

At Service Your Body Physical Therapy Lucan Dublin it is our aim to provide my clients with a full body approach to treating their injury, we look to provide a professional treatment as set out by Irish Association of Physical Therapist guidelines. We want to see all my clients recover quickly from their injury and get back to pain free movement as soon as possible.

Benefits of Physical Therapy Lucan

• Treatment of acute and chronic injuries
• Maintain the body in better condition
• Prevent injuries
• Improve flexibility & mobility
• Decrease muscle tension & stress

During your appointment we will carry out a thorough full body assessment in order to fully understand the cause of your injury. This can include a Functional Movement Screening.

Once we have an understanding of your issue, we will explain the cause of your issue, what a treatment plan will look like and what it will involve.

We will use a variety of hands on manual techniques which involves joint mobilisations, soft tissue techniques and possibly some dry needling to the injured area.

We will also provide you with a home corrective exercise programme. The programme will be specific to you and your issue so as to ensure a speedy pain free recovery from your injury.

If you have any questions in advance of making an appointment please contact us beforehand.

Contact Andrew Tully at Physical Therapy Lucan if you wish to learn more about what our treatments entails