Orthotics at Range of Motion Physical Therapy, Lucan, Dublin.

At ServiceYourBody.ie Physical Therapy Dublin, I supply a very cost effective off the shelf orthotic called the Quadrastep.

OthoticThe Quadrastep Orthotic is supplied following a clinical assessment to identify and differentiate the structural and functional aspect of your foot. There are 6 specific foot “types”, based on your individual foot type it maybe the cause of Knee, Hip or Low Back Pain.

The Quadrastep orthotic is a molded orthotic with the required support, recesses and heel cup/sidewall to effectively fit your specific foot type and treat any on going pain you may have as a result of your foot type.

As the Orthotics are an off the shelf product they can be supplied at a fraction of the price of custom made orthotics, they do not require any additional scans and can be provided immediately.

Please contact me should you require any further information or wish to be assessed for a pair.