One of the main benefits of Range of Motion Physical Therapy Pilates Classes Lucan, is how you can maintain your body in good working while also helping reduce stress and tone the body.

1. De stress

Pilates classes Lucan are a great way to help you de stress after a long day, Pilates classes start off with some relaxation stretching, breathing and allowing you tune into the class. Learning relaxation strategies and diaphragmatic breathing, can help you when things get on top of you, teaching you how to relax your posture and control posture aches and pains.

2. Pilates is a full body workout

Pilates exercises are carried out on floor mats, the exercises recruit all major muscles groups, while constantly focusing on pelvic floor core muscles. Pilates exercises develop strength and flexibility throughout the whole body. Only yesterday one of the clients commented how her stomach muscle have started to tone up after only 4 classes, so much so her husband commented on them.

3. Focused Classes

The Pilates Classes Lucan offer a dynamic flow of body weight exercises in a comfortable environment that enables you to learn at your own pace, there is no pressure from screaming personal trainers. We will challenge you to stretch your body and encourage your body to adapt and change to the challenges of the exercises. 6 week class programs are planned out to build strength and tone your body from one week to next. Clients can see how their ability to perform the more challenging exercises grows throughout the course of the weeks and months, building confidence and strength.

4. Classes for everyone

Classes are targeted at both complete beginners looking to get stronger and intermediate level classes for those who have done pilates before and want to stay strong and injury free. The classes can help those of you active in sports and looking to cross trainer to help develop strength and prevent injury.

Pilates Classes Lucan are kept to a 1 hour slot which makes them an efficient way to train, and by booking one of our 6 weeks courses means you have committed to making a change to your body and maintaining it in good working order with Pilates.

5. No more poor posture

Pilates exercises will help develop strength and correct posture in the key areas of the body, focusing on pelvic floor/lower back, hips, upper back and neck. Pilates will counteract bad postural habits that develop from having to work at desks all day and aches and pains associated with poor posture and slouching.

6. And finally a pain free back…

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in 1883 as rehabilitative tool. Pilates has since been scientifically proven to help strengthen the deep intrinsic muscles of the core and strengthening our lower back and alignment of the spine, while also reducing the stress on the lower back.

To book a course of Pilates Classes Lucan please contact us.