Earlier in the month I was contacted by a client who had right sided low back pain, with pain travelling down her leg. The clients elderly mother had spent the Christmas period with her and her mother needed assistance when walking.

My client spent the Christmas period with her mother leaning on her right side as they walked every day. The client had a history of low back pain that would flare up from time to time, this low back issue was further aggravated by the additional pressure put on her right side. On examination the client had a very weak lower back and very little core strength.

After 2 treatment sessions the client symptoms fully subsided but I insisted she look at improving her core and low back strength. I spent a few sessions teaching her how to activate her pelvic floor while maintaining a neutral pelvis, we progressed further with with basics Pilates exercises.

Below is a short video of basic Pilates exercises to assisted with Low Back Pain and strengthening the low back.

Please share this video with anyone you feel would benefit from trying the exercises or alternatively attend one of our Pilates classes.