Are you suffering from low back pain? do you have a weak back or ongoing low back pain that can flare up regularly. Low Back Pain Pilates Lucan can help with the Pilates video below.

The video is designed to help with Low Back Pain, the Pilates exercises are designed to strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor and lower back, while also helping increase mobility and flexibility, and reduce Low Back Pain.

If you are suffering from an acute episode of low back pain, you are also experiencing a lot of low back stiffness, doing the Low Back Pain Pilates Lucan exercises regularly will slowly help to ease out the stiffness in the lower back. The Low Back Pain Pilates Lucan can also help reduce the pain. When doing the exercises stay within your pain range, you  should not irritate your symptoms any further.

If you are just trying to keep your back healthy do the Low Back Pain Pilates Lucan exercises once or twice a day, again do not cause yourself any pain and build on the reps per exercise.

If your symptoms persist, or become more severe stop these exercises and seek assistance from a qualified therapist. If you would like to learn more about our Pilates Lucan classes why not come along to one of our 6 week courses or drop in for a trial class.