Low Back Pain and Reformer Classes Lucan

A great review of how our Reformer classes Lucan helped Ann, Ann has had low back pain and knee issues for quite a while. She has tried a variety of different exercise regimes to help her back and knee, she found some of them just made things worse. Below she talks about how the reformer classes have helped improve her overall strength, flexibility and improve her back and knee issues in just a few short weeks.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNWC3Kx_vIg[/embedyt]

“Whilst I have always been an advocate of regular Pilates for whatever ails you physically, I can honestly say that the Reformer classes Lucan at ServiceYourBody.ie, Lucan are a games changer!

This particular type of Pilates is fantastic for anyone wanting to strengthen your whole body without the fear of doing any injury.

The Reformer bed literally takes the chance of injury, or doing the exercises incorrectly, out of your hands.

The classes are small and at a personal pace so there is no worries about not being able to keep up. You just set the Reformer bed to your ability (with help from the instructors who are always working to help!) and do each exercise guided by the instructor.

The level of experience and knowledge from all the team at ServiceYourBody.ie have helped me recover from back and knee injuries and strengthen up my whole body with an ever changing variety of great fool proof exercises.

Personally, I have found a huge improvement in my core strength, overall flexibility and upper body strength in just a few short weeks attending the Reformer Pilates classes.

If you can suffer Andy’s awful jokes whilst trying to hold an exercise move, then these is the classes for you!

And if you can’t, dont worry there are more instructors with better jokes!!???? Ann P. Lucan”