Kinesio Taping Techniques

Last month I completed an Advanced Concepts and Corrective Techniques of the Kinesio Taping Method with Kinesio UK.
I have since started using the tape in my clinic Range of Motion Physical Therapy Lucan, for a number of acute/chronic conditions. Kinesio Taping is not just for athletes, I find it very versatile and can be used for a number of different conditions and in conjunction with other treatment techniques.

So What is Kinesio Tape?
Kinesio® Tex Tape is a specialist tape designed for Kinesio Taping® treatment. Its properties are very different from traditional athletic tapes and it has been developed to give optimum results when treating muscular disorders and lymphoedema reduction.

Kinesio taping involves taping over and around muscles to assist and give support and prevent over-contraction. Kinesio Tex® is different to other athletic tapes as it is designed to give support whilst maintaining full range of motion, and it facilitates lymphatic flow 24 hours a day.


As below I have used Kinesio tape on a number of clients to assist with inflammation and bruising following acute injuries, and to speed up their recovery.

Conditions Treated
I have used Kinesio tape to treat a number of conditions, it helps alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, relax the muscles, and facilitate rehabilitation while supporting muscles in movement.


– Headaches (tension)
– Whiplash
– Shoulder Pain /Subluxation
– Rotator Cuff Tear
– Tennis/Golfers Elbow
– Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
– Shin Splits
– Back Pain
– Sciatica
– Low Back Sprain/Strain
– Sprained Ankle
– Plantar Fascistis
– Muscle Strain

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