Joint Mobilisation  & Manipulations at ServiceYourBody Physical Therapy Lucan, Dublin

At Physical Therapy I have studied techniques that utilise manual Mobilisation and Manipulations. In general, mobilisations involve small amplitude, oscillatory movements on the joints to stretch tight structures, with the aim of increasing joint mobility and decreasing joint pain and stiffness.

Mobilisations become a manipulation when there is a larger amplitude/force applied to the joints of the human body usually resulting in clicks, or a popping sound.

The clicks or cracks associated with manipulations is the release of pressure within the joint capsule i.e. pockets of air form within the fluid of the joint and pop when released, known as cavitation.

What conditions are they used to treat?

Mobilisations and manipulations are predominantly used in the treatment of spinal or joint pain and restriction. Effects of mobilisations manipulations with soft tissue work relieve musculo-skeletal pain, increase joint movement and decreased muscle tightness.

At Physical Therapy Lucan we will always assess clients prior to using these techniques and only use techniques with clients informed consent.