Are you embarking on a season of Triathlon or Training for an up-coming Marathon?


Are you worried about Sports Injuries and Over-use injuries?


 We are offering a 5 month program which includes an Injury Prevention Screening and a 30 min Body Maintenance Sports Massage


Boost your performance by maintaining your body in good working Physical Therapy Clinic

order through our Injury Prevention Screening and Body Maintenance Sports Massage offer


5 x 60 min FMS & Sport Massage Session for ONLY €200 (20% Discount)


Functional Movement ScreeningMovement: Movement quality is essential to reducing your risk of injury and reaching optimal levels of performance.

Systematic Approach: A recognised screening system of your movement to provide an effective program of corrective exercises.

Exercises: A 5 month program of tailored corrective exercises to address any Movement or Strength issues that arose during your screening.



Relieves muscle tension
Improves flexibility and mobility
Improves Performance
Prevents Injury
Increases blood flow and healing
Breakdowns scar tissue
Removes waste products
Stimulates the nervous system


Simply contact us Physical Therapy Clinic Lucan  to book your Injury Prevention Screening and Body Maintenance Sports Massage in April, you will also be given your first tailored corrective exercise.

We will then book the remaining sessions from month to month till August.

During each of these sessions you will be given your follow up Corrective Exercise and 30 min Sports Massages.

Contact us to book your Injury Prevention Screening and Body Maintenance Sports Massage offer 086 8318931