The body has a series of fascial slings it uses to help you move. You develop these slings in early childhood as you learn to crawl, stand, walk and move. MYOFASCIAL_LINES

  • Anterior Sling
  • Posertior Sling
  • Lateral Sling
  • Functional Sling

Restrictions in these slings leads to stabilisation issues, resulting in the body having to compensate as you move.

The body uses certain signals to warn you of these compensations:

– Tightness / Stiffness
– Asymmetrical Muscle Development
– Joint fixation/subluxation (Jammed)
– Pain

Pain is the last signal the body uses to warn us. To break this Pain cycle you need to address the facial restrictions and core stabilisation issues.

It is important to release the restriction, re-activate the slings and start to re train the slings in conjunction with your normal exercise or training.

Contact us if you would like us to assess your Facial Slings and your ability to Stabilise, and break your Pain cycle.