Hip Pain and Hip Mobility Range of Motion Physical Therapy Dublin

As it is the end of a year and the start of another, I was thinking back over what I learnt in 2013. One area I have done a lot of research and study on is the lower body, and specifically the Hip. With this in mind I would like to share a few simple hip mobilisation exercises that can be done to help prevent or improve poor hip mobility. I have been using these exercises with clients with great results.

Lower Cross syndromeI have been prescribing these exercises to clients that have hip alignment issues and been complaining of hip or low back pain. In the majority of cases the hip alignment issue is a result of Lower Crossed Syndrome (LCS). LCS can cause a reduction in hip mobility leading to compensatory patterns, possibly causing the aforementioned hip and low back pain.

Lower crossed syndrome is the result of muscles strength imbalances around the hips and lower body. These imbalances can occur due to muscles being in a constantly shortened and or lengthened position in relation to each other.

When treating this issue the first objective is to correct the alignment of the hip and improve the mobility of the hip. This is done through a combination of manual therapy techniques to turn on, i.e. strengthen weak muscles, and turn off tight muscles. These changes are then maintained by giving a client some corrective exercises to be done at home.

Hip mobilisation exercises are one type of corrective exercise that will help with the re aligning of the hip, these exercises can also be done as a general exercises to keep your hips healthy and prevent restrictions developing.

Below are a couple of great home exercises I use to help increase hip mobility, thanks to Mike Reinold:

The above video demonstrates how to do some pivots, which can be done as a warm up exercise, you can gauge how fast you do them and the must be pain free.

I have also included some hip mobilisation stretches for the external rotators, hip flexors and TFL/IT band.

If you are suffering from Hip pain or Low Back pain, and would like to make an appointment for an assessment and treatment please contact me at Range of Motion Physical Therapy Dublin.