At Physical Therapy Clinic Lucan we have created a range of Body Maintenance and Mobility videos, they are short demonstration videos using Pilates and Mobility exercises to target Abs, Glutes, Upper body and Shoulders. Included in the series is an injury prevention mobility video focusing on Hips, Back and Shoulders.

The videos can help reduce the risk of sports injury, strengthen core muscles and reduce postural aches and pains.

Check out the videos below and try each of them, you can rotate them through-out the week giving you a full body maintenance and injury prevention workout.


Abdominal Series: Uses a variety of core exercises to target the abdominal muscles to help with core strength and activation.


Glute Series: The glute series targets hips and specifically glutes, great for any of you that run or cycle, strong glutes helps to protect against knee, leg and hip injuries.


Upper Body & Shoulders: This series assists with upper body posture. If you are an office worker and spending hours at your desk this series will work upper body postural muscles and shoulders to prevent postural aches and pains.


Full Body Mobility: This video is a combination of mobility exercises and streteches that can be used either as a warm up or cool down after a training session. The exercises are designed to help increase hip, back and shoulder mobility to help reduce the risk of injury or postural related aches and pain.

Please contact us at Physical Therapy Clinic Lucan if you would like to learn more or attend one of our classes.