Integrative Dry Needling.

I am offering my clients Integrated Dry Needling techniques, I have completed a Dry Needling course with The American Dry Needling Institute.

What is Dry Needling:

Dry Needling is used to treat pain and dysfunction caused by myofascial pain and muscle problems. Dry needling is a scientifically proven form of treatment to treat trigger points. A needle is inserted into the skin and muscle directly at the myofascial trigger point.

What happens:

There is very often a local twitch response when the needle is inserted into the muscle, this helps relax the contracted muscle fibers (Trigger Point) thus reducing the pain and tightness the muscle is causing.

What is Myofascial Pain:

Myofascial pain is the name given for pain that comes from muscles and soft tissues. When muscles are under stress or injured they can develop areas of tightness or knots. These knots are called trigger points. Trigger points are classed as latent – just tight areas in the muscle, or active where they can cause pain in the body.

Active trigger points can be painful, and refer pain into different parts of the body.

Latent trigger points are not be as painful, but they do cause muscle tightness which can lead to muscle imbalance.

Benefits of Dry Needling:

  • Dry needling is a scientifically proven form of treatment for Trigger Points
  • Dry Needling can dramatically reduce Muscle tightness and associated pain
  • Dry needling triggers a non specific local and systemic response which restores health (homeostasis) and removes or reduces stresses on the body
  • Dry Needling technique treats Myofascial and Musculoskeletal pain, particularly when integrated with other physical therapy manual techniques
  • Dry needling has been recommended in EU Guidelines, NICE Guidelines for treatment of low back pain
  • Dry needling can work as a non specific physiological therapy whereby the needle creates a lesion in the soft tissue thus stimulating the PNS and CNS. This stimulation results in a physiological reaction such as an anti inflammatory, immune reaction and lead to a reduction in pain and self healing.