Chronic Neck Pain Lucan

A recent study looked at Chronic Neck Pain Lucan in 100 females who have to do at least 4 hours typing a day. The study found that doing a number of specific exercises for the neck muscles can help reduce the effects of neck pain.

The study showed that Chronic Neck Pain Lucan can impair the function of the muscles in the neck, which in turn effects how the neck can support the head and movement.

When the neck can not support the head or movement the deep neck muscles fatigue easily. The neck will also have difficulty controlling the position of the head and neck on the shoulders. This can lead to a more forward head position, this has been seen regardless of what sitting posture you adapt.

During the course of this study it was shown when exercising the deep neck flexor muscles there was a decrease in Chronic Neck Pain and may improve the position of the head.

One of the exercises used in the study was cranio-cervical flexion or Chin Tucks, this exercise is used to activate and train the deep neck flexor muscles. Below is a short video on how to perform the exercise and a simple progression of the exercise.

Deep Neck Flexor Exercises

If you are suffering from Chronic Peck Pain or Forward Head Posture please contact us and we will be happy to assist with an assessment and treatment.